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Welcome to Few Bags!

Thanks for using our website. Kindly read our Terms and Conditions if you are willing to become a Seller in Few Bags and to sell your products locally and internationally on our platform.

This website is operated by Few Bags. Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Few Bags. Few Bags Platform is a Marketplace offering the best selection of Fashion Products from numerous sellers in Lebanon. The seller could be an Individual, an Instagram shop or a company willing to sell their products on the website.

By registering on our website as a Seller, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

Section 1: Adding Products:

  • You have the possibility through your account to add your own products by providing all needed details (e.g. Product Name, Category, Quantity in Stock, Upload photos, etc…). You agree to keep the same prices of your products on the website as on your Instagram page or as in your store. The prices are in LBP only.
  • You agree to upload only original photos of your products with High Quality only. You agree that Few Bags has the right to reject any product not meeting these criteria.
  • You agree not to list a single product multiple times on the website. You agree that Few Bags has the right to delete such multiple listings of the same product.
  • You have access through your account to an easy-to-use Dashboard which will give you a financial overview of your sales and profits as well as an overview of your products available, stock, prices, orders received etc…
  • You agree to regularly update your dashboard and to keep it true, accurate, up-to-date, and complete (especially regarding the availability of products in Stock). If multiple orders are rejected by the buyers due to your negligence in updating your dashboard, Few Bags reserves the right to suspend or limit your access to the website.

Section 2: Selling Products:

You agree never to perform any of the following activities related to your commerce activities on or through the Site:

  • Manipulate or attempt to manipulate the Site in any way including the prices of any item or services on the Site (either alone or in conjunction with other users)
  • Collect information about users, including but not limited to email addresses and other Contact information
  • Disclose or publicize any personal information about users or otherwise access or use information about other users in a manner which (as determined in our sole discretion) may constitute a breach of privacy and/or applicable laws.

Section 3: Return Policy

You will have your own Return/Refund policy. Clients willing to purchase your products through our website, will be able to see your own policy before completing the order.

Section 4: Information We Collect

You need to register on the website by providing specific personal information in order for you to sell your products on Few Bags. This personal information may include, but are not limited to, your Full Name, Email address, Phone Number, Shipping Address and other similar information. Additionally, for billing purposes and in order for us to fulfill your orders, we may ask your bank account details.

Section 5: Other Information

  • Few Bags offers you a Free Trial Period from 2 to 3 weeks, which starts upon launching the website. No Charges would be applied on you during this period.
  • After the trial period, Few Bags will charge you a specific commission fees on your total sales. The commission will be decided later by Few Bags and you will be informed about the exact percentage ahead of the trial period end.
  • Few Bags deals with Aramex, a third-party logistics company taking care of the complete delivery process between you and the buyer. Upon purchasing a product through the website, both you and Aramex will be notified automatically. Aramex is responsible to contact you, pick up the order and deliver it to the corresponding buyer (locally or internationally). The logistics charges will NOT be paid by you as a Seller.
  • Few Bags offers the buyers multiple payment methods, either online or through Cash On Delivery.
  • Payments are received/collected by Few Bags at a first stage (according to the type of payment), then you can withdraw the amounts on your own (on a weekly or monthly basis).
  • Few Bags has its own digital marketing strategy through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and advertising campaigns to enhance its online presence and to ensure a wider reach to its targeted audience and a larger exposure for you.
  • Few Bags has its own strategy to expand its community on social media and to support you to grow. This is done by several steps, such as Building Audience, Social Posting, Engagement with Influencers, etc… In return, once the website is officially launched, you are requested to mention in your Instagram Bio or any other social media platform, your availability on www.fewbags.com and to add at least 1 Instagram Post/Story related to the same subject.

Section 6: Updates to Terms and Conditions:

You are responsible to check the latest version of our Terms and Conditions at this page. You agree that we have the right to update or replace any part/section of these Terms and Conditions.