• How can I sell on Few Bags?

First, you have to register to become a seller, either from the Registration page under https://fewbags.com/my-account/ or by accessing the “Become a Seller” available in the footer.

Once you provide all needed information, you account will be pending approval from Few Bags team. You will be notified by email once approved and our team will contact you accordingly.

  • What can I sell on Few Bags?

You can sell almost anything related to Fashion and Beauty.

Your products shall meet specific standards.

  • Does it cost me to sell on Few Bags?

We will be taking a commission fee on your total sales. Please contact us for more details.

  • Can I sell locally and internationally on Few Bags?

Few Bags will give you the possibility to sell your products locally and internationally.

  • How to ship my product? Does it cost me?

The delivery company will contact you, pick up the order from your warehouse and deliver it directly to the customer (locally or internationally). The logistics charges will be paid by the customer only.

  • How to choose my prices?

You should keep the same prices listed on your website, page or store in order to remain competitive.

  • Can I keep my own packaging?

You will have your own and unique packaging. However, it will be added in our own bag.